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Want 3 New Video Games for $36 Each? Head to Target with Your Smartphone

This is a public service announcement for anyone looking to pick up some new video games on the cheap. This past week, Target has been running a Buy 2, Get 1 Free promotion on video games for pretty much any system. That’s not a bad deal itself; if…

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Amazon Branded Gaming Controller Revealed in Leaked Photos

We’ve been hearing rumors that Amazon has been working on a new game console platform for quite some time now, likely powered by Android under the hood similar to the OUYA game console that we reviewed upon its release last summer. Now today we’…

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Google Acquires Green Throttle Games, Signals Android Console Possibilities

The possibility that Google is working on an Android-powered game console has been speculated since at least last summer. While the company still has yet to announce any such device, a recent acquisition would seem to indicate that it’s getting closer…

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Rovio Announces Angry Birds Epic, A Turn-Based RPG

There was a time when I was over Angry Birds. Something about the combination of its seemingly unearned popularity and its ubiquity on the ugly clothes of equally ugly children that I would see while out and about really turned me off. But then Rovio…

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Disney’s Stack Rabbit now available in the Windows Store 0

Disney’s Stack Rabbit now available in the Windows Store

The puzzle adventure game Stack Rabbit from Disney is now available (free with in-app purchase options) from the Windows Store offering hours of hopping, stealing, and stacking fun. In Stack Rabbit, you play as Ben the...

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