10 Reasons Why Lindsay Lohan Will Lose to Rockstar Games

Following months of idle threats, actress Lindsay Lohan has officially filed a lawsuit against Rockstar Games, alleging that the Grand Theft Auto 5 creators borrowed her likeness for the character of Lacey Jonas.

According to the suit, Lohan’s virtual doppelganger mirrors the actress’ struggles with the paparazzi, while also depicting her voice, image and personal style. Further, the suit points out that Rockstar included an in-game spoof of the famous Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, a hotel where Lohan herself lived for several months. Lacey Jonas is an “unequivocal” reference to Lohan, the suit claims, before asking for unspecified damages.


Here are 10 good reasons why Lindsay Lohan will lose her case:

1. Lacey Jonas DOES NOT look like Lindsay Lohan.

2. Lacey Jonas DOES NOT talk like Lindsay Lohan.

3. Lacey Jonas DOES NOT walk like Lindsay Lohan.

4. Lacey Jonas DOES NOT have the same name as Lindsay Lohan.

5. Lacey Jonas DOES NOT speak in the same accent as Lindsay Lohan.

6. Lacey Jonas is anorexic.

7. Lacey Jonas is addicted to french fries.

8. Lacey Jonas drives differently from Lindsay Lohan.

9. Lacey Jonas is shorter than Lindsay Lohan.

10. Lacey Jonas is more famous now than Lindsay Lohan after Lindsay sued Rockstar Games.

Author: ecloudy

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