Candy Crush is my New App Crush and spells Doom for Angry Birds

Gone are the days of the Angry Birds, people have gotten tired swinging birds off slings – finally. Now it’s Candy Crushing time. For those of you who have not yet gotten addicted to this latest game, go get addicted now.

From first impression it looks quite girlie. At times the colors of the screen looks too bright and hurts the eye. But once you start playing it you will keep playing it. From kids to grandpa’a everyone seems to be Crushing Candy’s on their smartphones and tablets.

I first saw my wife playing the game and get hooked to her smartphone screens. One look at the interface and I went “thats for girls”. But she insisted that this is the new fad in her school and all the school kids are addicted to this new app game immensely.

I use to sling birds off slings and hit pigs, no idea why birds would want to hit pigs or why pigs would want to eat fried bird egg omelet. But it did and the fact was I was addicted to it also and now I don’t want to sling birds any more.

But I do want to crush candy’s. So I recommend you also give crushing candy a chance.

Here is the App to download.

Candy Crush has been played 151 billion times since it launched as an app on mobile devices exactly year ago. And it’s the first game to ever be No. 1 on iOS, Android and Facebook at the same time. Candy Crush’s creator, King, a Stockholm-based company, says 1 in every 23 Facebook users plays it. And while Candy Crush is free, the in-game purchases that some players choose to make add up. Think Gaming, which releases gaming analytics, estimates that it takes in $875,382 per day. (By comparison, another insanely popular mobile game, Angry Birds, takes in an estimated $6,381 daily.)

Author: ecloudy

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