Aamirs Belly in Delhi

I have been watching Bollywood films since I was a kid. My mom would rent those Amitabh Bachan with Rekha movies on VHS tapes and watch it in my grandma’s place together with my maternal Aunty. Those Bachan movies were great for me as Bollywood would focus on action sequence,songs,cool dance moves and emotional plots.As I grew up the Bollywood theme started to shift and slowly went shameless,it got more into corrupt cops and ugly uncomfortable to watch rape scenes.Which eventually led my dad to complain to my mom about them in front of me.

So I kind of stopped watching it ever since.It was only when I was in college that I watched another Bollywood movie after a decade and a half. Honestly? I had bad fever after only 2 hrs of viewing and a splitting headache.It was over charged with hyper emotions and over romanticism.Then nearly after 2 and half decades later in came Aamir Khan movies.


I watched Aamir Khan act in films when I was a Kid, I saw his entrance to the Indian film industry and it was all mainstream,romantic hero saving his heroine. It’s only after he started producing film his true talent started to show,shine and shone. All of Aamir’s movie thus far has been mind refreshingly fantastic and Delhi Belly is no exception. It makes you laugh till you fall of your sofa or couch and it’s shocks you with India’s MTV video jockey girls acting in Aamir’s movie as actresses , moaning as they reach orgasm while getting a..well watch it, which for me is a first in an Indian released movie.All in all it’s just mind blowing as three main characters of the movie who are friends living in a shared dilapidated Delhi apartment trying to hope and achieve their dreams, which is to get rich fast by any means possible.

Go watch how Bollywood is making Hollywood comedy movies look lame,slowly but surely! Even though 90% of Bollywood movies still portrays barbie doll pretty actress in high heels and short mini skirts shaking their booty, Aamir Khan movies are entertaining without that very element which spells ‘hope’ and a very bright future for till now sleeping giant film industry – Bollywood.

Author: ecloudy

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