Is life better than what it was when there was a job?

Is life better than what it was when there was a job?


Job (yes)
– everyday same routine
– everyday same people to whom I could not relate to or talk and share some ideas or opinions
– even when you know you are right they say you are wrong
– extreme bad breath (unbearable)
– rude people with self-centered mind and shallow outlook for others
– no concern for others problems or hassles
– work not appreciated (locally)
– alienated into thinking you are different and they are all same
– very poor family background
– very poor culture
– boss does not like you but has to work with you and pay you
– very bad food habits, daily stale food
– very bad languages
– always plotting and complaining about the other person
– horrible office politics
– looked on as a different department that has no class or culture
– discriminated beyond any imaginable realm
– daily commuting through horrendous traffic and terrible roads on a no suspension rickshaw
– bad back and over all health deterioration
– no energy for any sort of physical activity
– always tired
– 8 hours of computers plus 3 more hours at home
– creative brain was dying a slow and painful death
– entertainment was valueless, no fun
– sitting in one corner for the last 4 years straight
– overall relations were getting sour and stale
– could not socialize with the other kind
– always tensed and worried
– suffered from extreme anxiety
– no control over life
– religion had no meaning
– was getting drawn into their class and status
– they actually thought I was one of them, helpless and destitute
– you can feel you are being used
– given my soft nature they were taking intentional advantages
– they knew I was a stupid and not able to out smart any of them
– always jealous of whatever I did or do
– did not understand me and said I did not know Bangladesh
– always curious about me
– the staffs were a nightmare, they would not listen to any request and would always deny authority
– the whole staff member would be of very low status and family would be from villages or provinces
– you are tired and beyond repair psychologically and physically

Job (no)
– the money was good and stable
– working with foreign office was nice, but I still work with them so it’s just the stable money that is the problem

Had I still had the job I would have missed out on the time spent with my wife as she is busy from 8 am till 9 pm daily. I would have never discovered my creative potential. I would have never become regular in riding a bike. I would have not lost this much weight and feel so hard and strong all the time. My body would have never healed or repaired itself if I had not gotten this important and vital break from the back breaking, daily monotonous routine, energy sapping – 9 to 5 ‘job’.

Author: ecloudy

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