Why the Xbox one offended me

Reason number one : The name Xbox 1
Why the name Xbox 1? did Microsoft feel left behind the iPad 1 , 2 & 3? and decided to start their own 1 , 2 & 3? Very wrong move Microsoft. Perhaps if someone from the Xbox developers team type Xbox 1 in Google search engine they may see the image and web search results. The very first Xbox appears obviously!

Reason number two : The Gigantic Console Size
Only yesterday while playing GTA on my Xbox 360 I was thinking of the humongous power supply box Xbox 360 uses. I was hopeful that Microsoft would solve that problem soon and make the power supply disappear like Playstation always does successfully.I don’t get it, is Japan still ahead in electronics or what?

Reason number three : The gamepad (controllers)
Playstation has not changed its gamepads, so Microsoft why the sudden chage of mind and make newer controllers? Have you not heard of the “If it’s not borken don’t fix it?” – My God this time Microsoft has gone and done it big time when it comes to judging something by it’s looks.

The only reason why people may still get the Xbox 1 :
Newer games that won’t run on the Xbox 360!


This is the original Xbox 1 (released 2001). Googling for Xbox 1 pics gives this result. Sorry no real Xbox 1 (2013) pictures for now!

Author: ecloudy

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