iPad and the Third World

The iPad in a third World country.

I am an iPad owner in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nation on the face of the Earth after Rwanda and Nigeria.When Steve Jobs envisioned the iPad of course he had no Bangladesh in mind. I say that because Bangladesh has a massive brown out policy in which generators,ups and ips fails constantly leaving people with no Internet access. It’s like living in Iraq or Pakistan except there is no ongoing war.

The iPad provides the best Internet experience with a GPRS connection as Bangladesh has no 3G connection.When the blackout or brownout does happen it is the best company an IT geek can ask for, it’s always there when you need it the most.Because of the iPad e-cloudy can be updated in real time and the news can be published instantly.

World War 3 may be still far away but no doubt the iPad is a technological marvel gifted to mankind by the late genius Steve Jobs.We from Bangladesh thank you for that Mr Jobs.

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