Iron Man 3 and Anxiety Attacks

I grew up reading comic books. I like super-hero’s and cartoons even now. I still read comic books on my iPad. Super hero’s are really super and powerful with little or no weakness. As a human being I have a lot of weakness and illness at 35. Still I try to stay fit.


Superman is too good to be true. He is like this stone figure with no real problems and illness. He has this green stone that saps his energy and that’s all.

Batman is a laugh! as he possesses no real powers yet he is very powerful when in combat mode. Does not make any sense to me, how can a man be extra powerful and full of energy after wearing a very tight and heavy suit.

I like Spiderman, no complains there! I like his powers and and the story line.It makes “sense”.

Now Iron man is what I can be, or anyone of you reading this crappy article can be too. Iron man has this suit he built or innovated himself. He will be selling it to the US soldier soon as rumor has it and make trillions out of it.

In the latest Iron man 3 movie, there are a lot of practical scenes. I will not indulge or divulge myself into discussing the political part of it as you may already notice how e-cloudy avoids anything political. The part I am talking about is Iron man’s “anxiety attacks”. He gets a lot of them in this part 3 of the movie. He as a superhero panics and gets anxiety attacks like any normal human beings do at his age.

That part I liked a lot, as it made the character more human. Being human is all that counts in any super hero theme or story.

Author: ecloudy

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