Why Batman likes Young Boys (Review on Batman Forever movie only)

Everyone knows batman, well at least everyone who is reading this article right now and is somehow interested in Batman the comic hero. The other day I was watching BATMAN FOREVER movie, and something I haven’t noticed before struck me this time around. Batman is very Queer!

Here is how I drove to the conclusion (which is still my own opinion only) ;

First there was this scene where Meridian (Nicole Kidman) is all dressed up in a sexy dress, summons Batman (Val Kilmer) via the Bat-signal. Batman arrives and see’s Meridian is all ready to give him whatever he desires. What struck me here was Batman wasn’t resisting temptation. He was actually disgusted and disgruntled to see the girl all sexy and in a very hot dress! He was showing signs of repulsion on his face and even complained about his Bat signal being used for some “sexual purpose”. He finally flew off and sits inside his Bat-mobile to pause and say “Women!” in a hateful and degrading manner.

The second scene that got me thinking and had me convinced that Batman is indeed “gay” is the scene where “Dick” Grayson the Robin (Chris O’Donnell) is “dropped-off” by some exclusive agency to the Wayne Manor after his family gets killed by Two-Face in the circus arena. The scene actually reminded me of Micheal Jackson’s “WHO IS IT” MTV video where “female prostitutes” were dropped-off in similar manner to Millionaires and Billionaires estates accordingly.To provide special services of course.

Bruce Wayne is rich. He is so rich that if he wanted he could have had several girls working at his Wayne Manor, or atleast have some lady working. He only has an old butler who wears white gloves and suit all the time. He is so rich that he could have gone into relationships and out of it as many times as he wanted, as he has money and lots of it which attracts the opposite sex a lot in many ways.Iron man does so and is still considered a “hero”.

He decided otherwise and persisted that Robin stays with him and gives him services (fixing bike and cleaning the garage among other things).Why would any guy want a young lad staying with him if he is not interested in being both sexually and emotionally involved with him? and how about Robin? he has no interest in girls or girlfriends?

Hyland’s “Modern Family” co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson is still enjoying newlywed bliss. He and Justin Mikita, left, dressed up as Batman and Robin. “Finally, batman & robin got married!” Mikita said in the photo’s caption on Instagram.

Well something just don’t seem right in this whole “Batman and Robin” business, who knows – maybe Bruce Wayne will finally come out of his very dark Bat closet and state his true sexual identity – just after Gotham City legalizes Gay Marriages perhaps!

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