A very expensive comic book reader

The title speaks for itself, for it the ultimate truth. That is what my iPad does for me, helps me read comic books. Classic comic books to be more precise. The collection of Tintin, Asterix and the likes of those. It reminds me of my fond childhood memories and makes me feel good.

The iPad has no other use. It is too small to do any real productive work, too slippery to draw on it (I am a comic book artist) and too weak to perform any actual computer work other than become a giant calculator for the groceries.

Sad but true, I had to pay $850 for a comic book reader! Play games on it is for kindergarten kids. The iPad is well built and last for a good number of years, mine has for the last 3 years. The battery life is superb compare to any other devices out there, and it still holds strong in a third world country plagued with constant load shedding.

The iPad will be a tech marvel and one that will be remembered for a long time. But for me it’s just a very expensive digital comic book.

UPDATE 2017 : The iPad is too heavy to utilize as a comic book reader. Hence forth I have switched to a much lighter and more efficient Android tablet with a bigger and better screen at a very affordable price.

Author: ecloudy

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