Why beautiful people?

People like to watch beautiful people or rather celebrities fake it onscreen about some fake life style. Humans like that because humans are always looking for a perfect lifestyle without problems or ugliness.

For some real life is full of ugliness and imperfections. Which can be ignored and rather does get ignored in their everyday life.Ignorance truly is bliss. The human eye is the only part of the human body which has to do very little movement in order to gain the most input of entertainment for the cerebral hemisphere or the brain. The eye does not get tired very easily, that is why we are able to sit in front of the computer monitor or the television daily hours after hours.

Feeding our brains with mostly made up stuffs about distorted reality and mostly useless informations. Why real life needs to be avoided or hidden? Because in real life you feel pain, anger, frustrations and regrets looking around and every time finding the imperfections or who we are and where we are. In short real life “stinks”.

We constantly try to tell our selfs that we are different and that we are better than what we have or deserve. The environment that we are at present is temporary and that this too shall pass someday. The ugliness of the present situation will somehow vanish into the thin air with out a trail or trace left behind.

So we keep engrossing our minds and attention to the televised fake world and the Internet powered made up world. We compare and we judge, we try to find that very perfect world in real life and yet cannot find it at all.

Art imitates reality or reality imitates art is what we have to figure out in order to live a peaceful yet self content life no matter where or in which situations we are at present. We have to stop ignoring virtual imagery and start living real life and shun out fake things out of our life’s and our very small world.

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