How to Stop Googling Google

I have got to admit it, I am addicted to Google. I have been addicted to Google since came online back in I can’t remember when but ever since then I have been “Googling” with Google. It has been a very long time and a very long line of products. I signed up for the special invite only Gmail and was the first 100 to get an invitation for a @gmail. I was super excited when Google launched Android OS and the likes of it.

I was hyper-excited to get into Google plus.I got into Google plus and I started boasting off and made lots of fun at Facebook.


Little did I know that Google plus would be a major pain in the a** and a scrolling headache, you keep scrolling on and on and it never ends. I have infinite scrolls, so I stopped reading Mashable also. It’s like you can never finish the website so why bother scrolling on and on being bombarded with information (mostly useless) over-load?

My wife was always skeptic about google products and I had no idea why, she would keep going I am a fool to rely on Google so much. Everything was awesome till I suddenly realized that Google is tracing and tracking every move I make on the internet and recording it for no apparent reason but to spy on me! I hate that, I don’t like snooping around my private life and private browsing habits. So one day I woke up smelled the tea and sat on my computer desktop to deactivate Google plus profile, and it felt great! I was liberated. I re-opened my Facebook profile, somehow Facebook was less complex and more fun to use, Facebook was more “human”.

Google plus felt like a machine that was running my life. Then I uninstalled Gtalk, it felt even more better! I use to chat on skype a lot and I am back on Skype services again. Lot has changed in Skype since Microsoft got in, all for the better.

Finally I am stuck with Gmail. I cannot get rid of Gmail so quickly but I am trying my outmost best to  “switch to” either Yahoo or MSN.It may take some time as I am hooked to Gmail for almost 8 years now.

As for search results, I have switched my default search engines to Bing. I am getting more relevant searches in Bing then I use to, so I like it so far.

Google is a great company that spawned itself from a very humble search engine coding.Now it has grown into a massive company that rules the IT world of today. But I feel left-out, bullied and ignored by Google somehow, maybe its just me or maybe just maybe its Googlemorphing into something I dread it would someday – a giant company who does not give a damn to a small user like me or my very small website, which thanks to Bing and Yahoo is still getting some traffic.

Google Chrome and apps are a processor hog and a Bully for me and my PC now.So I have uninstalled Chrome as well.I must say I am super impressed at the processing power my PC got back after doing so.

How to delete google plus

I just deleted my google plus account today after using it since it’s launch.If in case you don’t want to use the Google+ either then I will share a guide with you in this post of e-cloudy.

Most users may be worried about the process and may wonder that if they do delete the Google Plus will their Google Gmail account be deleted as well? Well it may happen if you mistakenly delete your complete Google account.

To prevent this mistake, I will guide you through a safe procedure which will allow you to delete only your Google+ account and not your Google ID.

Here is how,

Step 1: Click on Settings icon on the top right of the Google Plus home screen when you are logged in and click on “Google+ Settings”.

Step 2: Click on the Account Overview Link on the left pane and then click on the link at the bottom of the drop down menu which says “Delete profile and social features” or “Delete Profile and associated social features”.

Step 3: On the drop down menu select the option which says “Delete Google+ Content”,which will delete and deactivate yourGoogle + account only. Next click on the check box which says “I understand that deleting the service cannot be undone and the data I am deleting cannot be restored.”. Then click “Remove Selected Services”.

That is it, now you are plus free! Which in turn allows you to do some actual productive work.

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