Yahoo’s new logo “sucks”

My first website that I saw once I got online on the internet for the first time in my life (back in 1994) was, it was this wholenew gateway to this other world – the cyber world. That was the beginning of something wonderful and exciting, something to look forward to for the coming future.

Yahoo Inc CEO Marissa Mayer.
Yahoo Inc CEO Marissa Mayer.

Yahoo mail was the very first email I used to open my very first email account on the internet (1998) and it was super fun and free. Emails are still free (thank God).

Yahoo news was a website I was addicted to since 2004 till 2011. After 2011 something happened with Yahoo. Yahoo was not shouting “Yahooooo!” anymore. Yahoo was getting duller and duller.

Now Yahoo had to go and change its “unique” yet elegant logo to a very unsophisticated, kid like, awkward font type very thin and powerless logo. To see it just log on to and you will see what I mean.

I mean “hey!” – there may be some people out there who would not mind a new logo as long as the website is serving its purpose. But for me the logo does not work at all and is the FINAL BLOW to the already sick company dying a slow and painful cyber-death.

No more for me for now.

(July 2016 update) And three years after this article was published on e-cloudy, this happens ;

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