Why the Characters of “Superman Comics” are “Dumb”

The Superman comic book has massive flaws, yet it is so famous that I have to think twice before writing a negative report on it. The Superman comic is so dumb that it would beat Britney Spears singing and making huge money out of actually selling albums.


Why do I think that the Superman comic is dumb? simple – the characters ta Superman comics cannot tell the difference between Clark Kent and Superman in blue costume and red underwear.

..and how come Superman can breath in space?


A simple curl in front of his forehead actually fools all the dumb low IQ characters in the comic book. It really sickens me as to how the whole world is fooled by this ridiculous so-called “disguise” and dumb founded that the whole world has bought into this gimmick.

The artist is making a fool out of us (Superman fans) and have been doing so for the last 60 years! Come on people wake up or get glasses and see again how flawed this Superman concept really is.


Distinguishing Clark Kent from Superman should require an IQ level of 75, which is below average of any normal human being on this planet.

Not only that but also he is allegedly an alien from a different planet who looks,walks,talks and eats what we eat on earth yet he has super-human strength and we don’t. He wears a costume that has a red underwear over his trouser and flies without wings. I agree most or all of the other super hero flies without wings, but still nothing beats the Clark Kent identity crisis.


…if Superman’s home planet got destroyed how come there are no survivors, since the race of Superman is “indestructible” everyone should have survived by “flying off” the planet that is getting destroyed to another planet! Since presumably they can “all breath in space”.

Lets see – with glasses, does not look superman.

Without glasses in the same Daily Bugle office where like any normal person Clark got too tired wearing the glasses while washing his face in the comfort room of the office –


“Wait! now you look like Superman! DUH!”

And finally – if superman needs to communicate in this information day and age, finally gets an iPhone to do so, where does he keep it?

Author: ecloudy

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