Would you Marry a Dirty Star?

Apparently a lot of guys would or are willing to according to the Indian version of The Bacherollete tv show starring the dirty girl of Bollywood Malikka Sherawat. Mallika entered Bollywood ……

Mallika Sherawat (born Reema Lamba) is an Indian actress and a former model. Known for her bold onscreen attitude in such films as Khwahish(2003) and Murder (2004) Sherawat has been frequently featured in the media as a sex symbol.

– wikipedia

Mallika Sherawat

…… So according to her Bollywood track records and various naked photo-shoots she is quite a dirty actress by Indian cultural standards. So why are there guys after her on a national tv show – “The Bachelorette India”?

Simple, they are doing it for the money and fame. But in return, all but the one who actually wins, are risking their own character values and moral just by showing their faces and sexual interest on a dirty star.

Her father left her when she was very young and thus comes from a broken home and family. Just because this is India and just because pornography is not an industry yet in India, like in the more civilized west. She did not pursue a pornstar’s carrier which would have suited her most best.

The guys at the bacherollete show are in for some trouble when they start off to find a soul mate for marriage to an Indian house wife type girl after participating and being voted out in a show with the dirty star.The girls would go “a dirty star rejected you, why should I accept garbage now?”.

UPDATE : “Mallika Sherawat Boycotted on Her Own Show, The Bachelorette India”

The suitors on Mallika Sherawat’s show, The Bachelorette Indiaboycotted the actress, leaving her stunned. Is this a cheap publicity stunt or did it really happen? We are still trying to figure that out. But here is what happened recently on The Bachelorette India, Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika’ .

Mallika Sherawat insisted that her suitors from The Bachelorette India, Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika’, come out in the open and share what they felt about her. Little did she know that this move would cost her dearly. The expressing of feelings resulted in a verbal spat between two contestants and later one of them slapped the other.

During the brawl, one of the contestants used cuss words against Mallika Sherawat to the extent of calling her a whore and even a prostitute, which reduced the actress to tears. As if this was not enough, post the rose ceremony, every suitor returned the rose to Mallika. Did the suitors boycott Mallika Sherawat and revolt against her? Are they done with the show already? We wonder!

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