From Bangladesh to Brazil, Paul Walker death mourned

After his death on Facebook – Paul Walker. 11345054 likes & about 2863004 talking about his tragic death.

The fast and the furious is the most watched Hollywood car action movie in the world. This movie bridged culture, religion and race to focus mainly on very fast mean machines – which are super-charged cars.

No matter if you are a Christian, Jew, Moslem or an Aethist you can watch and even become an avid fan of this car drag racing movie which really is FAST AND FURIOUS.

But this very theme of the movie took the life of the main character and the most admired character Paul Walker. Fans from around the world were deeply shocked and expressed deep sympathy on the sudden demise of this young actor.

The Facebook pages that shared his death news reached millions of shares within the first 6 hours of posting. Fans from Bangladesh, Brunei, Barbados and Brazil were posting there condolences and extreme sadness at the news of the untimely demise of the famous Hollywood actor.

The irony of the death being the obvious ; death in a fast car. A thing that never happened in the actual movie, but may be considered to be included in the franchise release of the upcoming Fast and the Furious 7. Where the sequel ends in tragedy, in which a red Porsche collides with a pole and bursts into flames, while participating in a dragster competition. With Walker’s character still inside the burning wreckage.

I was not a big fan of Fast and the Furious, as I actually believe in cars contribution to global warming. But I did like the first movie which was released back in 2001, and I liked Paul’s character and acting then. He was a good Fast and the Furious character who would be missed by millions of fans worldwide – immensely.

R.I.Paul Walker.

Author: ecloudy

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