Gruesome ATM Booth Attack leaves Victim Paralyzed

A 44-year-old woman bank manager was hacked and left to die bleeding at an ATM booth in the heart of Banglore city, India. The horrifying attack took place at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning by a tall dark man with a toy gun and a machete (see CCTV footage). The maniac attacked her with his machete after the lady refused to take out any money from her bank account.

The maniac then quickly gave the lady three quick successive blows with his machete, the most deadly blow was the one on top of her skull which actually penetrated her skull bones and damaged her brain’s grey matter, as the machete got stuck there during the attack. The other two blows went in front at her throat and the back of her neck severing her spinal cords instantaneously.

The lady could be seen sitting motionless with massive bleeding trying to breath very hard after her instant body paralysis.


The maniac then robbed her valuables and left. The victim went unconscious and was left bleeding for nearly three hours inside the booth before the next person discovered her. The shutters of the ATM booth was shut down by the attacker before fleeing the scene of the crime.

This gruesome robbery and attempted murder took place at the city heart of the Corporation Bank of Banglore’s ATM booth located near the NR Square city corporation headquarters. The victim, Jyothi Uday, is a resident of Rajarajeshwari Nagar and the manager of Corporation Bank’s service branch on Mission Road.

Video footage (no sound) from the CCTV camera inside the ATM facility showed a well-built young man sporting a thin beard entering the facility at 7.09 AM, shortly after the lady named Uday entered the booth to draw cash.
He pulls the shutter down from inside, trapping Uday inside and proceeds to threaten her with what appears like a toy pistol he is carrying in a cloth bag. After brandishing it for a while, he pulls out a machete from the bag and threatens her, pushing her into a corner.

When Uday refuses to comply with his demand to withdraw money, the attacker delivers blows on her head and neck with the machete, leaving her bleeding and unconscious in a corner.

The attacker then goes through her bag and grabs her wallet, mobile phone and ATM card before leaving the ATM facility at 7.14 AM – pulling the shutter down behind him.

Uday was discovered around 10.30 am by bank officials who arrived and lifted the shutters, SJ Park police said. After regaining consciousness in hospital, Uday told police that the man hit her after she refused to withdraw money for him from the ATM.

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