8 Reasons why the Windows 8 is the Worst UI Design

Microsoft Windows 8 was launched after the most critically acclaimed Windows 7 version. The Windows 8 was a follow-up on the then introduced iPad and touchscreen devices with it’s own OS. Somehow Microsoft wanted it’s Windows OS to have the “touchy feeling” too. So they started re-decorating Windows 7 just to give it a “feel” of a touch-based OS. Out came the Frankenstein of  all OS – the most dreaded Windows 8.

Here are 8 reasons why Windows 8 is the worst OS of all times :

1. It is not at all mouse friendly, making those devices which has no touch screen feature a nightmare to use. If you are on a Windows 8with a mouse (trying to make the best of it) – just stop using Windows 8 and roll-back to Windows 7 to feel sane again in using a computer where you do not spend your entire day re-learning the User Interface over and over again.

2. It has the worst App choices of all the app stores out there. Even with all flat icons and flat colors Windows store has the worst of theworst App’s on its App stores coupled with some of the most buggy App’s ever seen.

3. It is a horror movie in the making for those with some sense of “design” and “aesthetics”. Windows 8 is damn ugly, it looks weird and ugly. No matter how you try to put make-up on it by using various screens and colors, the User Interface (UI) still looks like a “Blobfish“.

4. Windows 8 consumes all the time trying to work the interface and in turn the entire day is spent on working the interface instead of working on actual productivity or getting things done.

5. Windows 8 is a pain in the ass when its time to look for the Control Panel or printer settings.

6. Even with touchscreen devices Windows 8 is still the most difficult OS out there for a common PC user. It’s menu’s and the infinite right side scroll gives a lot of its users a day long headache and head spins!

7. Windows 8 Internet Explorer (IE) is not even close to Google chrome browser. Google got it right the first time – and Windows cannot get it right even after the 8th attempt – what is wrong with you Microsoft? Just copy the Chrome.

8 is the worst thing ever to happen to Microsoft in a long time. Just because Apple had it’s fancy touch screen devices did not mean Microsoft had to “jump in” and “follow or copy” Apple. That was a bit too childish for a Tech giant who has been around the silicon block for quite a while now.

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Author: ecloudy

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