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“The Revolution of Love continues in Pakistan! The Dream School is finally finished. 1,200 kids attending. Knowledge is Power! #rayoflight #livingforlove,” reads Madonna’s caption on her Google page.

The Dream Model Street School is located in Mawach Goth, Karachi, Pakistan and was founded by the Dream Foundation Trust (DFT), a Pakistani non-governmental organisation.

Madonna announced in 2013 that she is raising money to expand a school in an impoverished region on the outskirts of Karachi, Pakistan.

The Queen of Pop went on stage at a live concert (Chime For Change event) in London and publicized that through her Ray of Light Foundation she is supporting girls’ education in Pakistan, and urged people to support her cause.  She was joined on stage by Humaira Bachal, an education activist from Pakistan.

Madonna has long spoken about her admiration for Humaira Bachal, a Pakistani woman who has campaigned for better education for young girls in the Muslim country.

“Let’s help Humaira build a bigger school in Pakistan! How ‘bout this? You build the first floor, I’ll build the rest of the school. Let’s do this together!” said Madonna. “I want to trade something valuable for something invaluable – educating girls,” she added in a statement.

The school, established in 2005, and claims to have taught over 2,000 students who otherwise would not have had access to education.


Author: ecloudy

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