Should I get the all new iPad, the iPhone or the Windows Surface for this holiday?

Should I get the all new iPad, the iPhone X or the Microsoft Surface for this holiday?

If I was you, I would get none. That is if I was you, but I am not you. So the best I can do is recommend you what you may want to get after the following reviews.

The iPad.

The iPad is much heavier than all the previous iPad’s, you all know that already right? And that’s about it. So if you want to accomplish weightlifting tasks while working on a tablet then go get the newer iPad Pro. But do remember that lighter is better sometimes.

The iPhone.

The iPhone X is what comes after the iPhone Y. That’s right, if your friends asks what iPhone is yours you can says its the X. “I have the latest iPhone in my hand.” sounds cooler and people can actually say it out loud and without shame.What new features does it have? Who cares as long as you are with the in crowd and have the most recent ridiculously over priced yet fashionable (for some) phone. Besides there is always a line in the Apple store but not Microsoft right? Yet very few people know that the “line” at the Apple stores are actually for repair and carrier related issues iPhone users are having.

The Windows Surface.

Ok now Windows sounds more like a practical down to earth device which ordinary common folks can afford. Also windows devices actually gets your work done. Windows devices has been used for offices, scientific studies, researches,space studies,industrial design and modern medical science.Windows devices have actually helped save life and have contributed to mankind’s development in more than one hundred ways.Plus Bill Gates is a very famous and quite well known Philanthropist. So the Surface comes from that same Windows family.

So go do yourselves a favor this Xmas and do something good. Go get “Any” one of the above.

Author: ecloudy

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