Should I get the all new iPad, the iPhone or the Windows Surface for this holiday?

Should I get the all new iPad, the iPhone X or the Microsoft Surface for this holiday? If I was you, I would get none. That is if I was you, but I am not you. So the best I can do is recommend you what you may want to get after the following reviews. […]

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How Apple Lost It’s “Cool Factor”

When I was kind (of 8 years old) I remember my dad (a computer engineer of the 80’s) and a friend of his partnered together to be the sole distributor of Apple Computers in Bangladesh. That was the time Steve Jobs was a young lad and just launched his innovation called “Personal Computer”. The Apple […]

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iPad and the Third World

The iPad can still be utilized in a third World country. Here’s how…. I am an iPad owner in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nation on the face of the Earth right after Rwanda & Nigeria.When Steve Jobs envisioned the iPad of course he had no Banglades like countriesh in mind. I say […]

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