In the Real Life of Pi, the Tiger eats Pi

It is all over the news on the internet -white tiger attacks and mauls school kid at an Indian zoo. The report on websites states that the ill fated boy fell inside the white tiger’s enclosure while trying to lean on it in an attempt to get a better look at the tiger. The boy falls and finds himself face to face with the white tiger. Other zoo goer’s who witnessed (and captured the event on their mobile camera’s) the brutal wild event states that the school boy was actually pleading for his life to the white tiger.

There is a movie called The Life of Pi, which many of you must have watched or heard about. In that movie there is a tiger and a similar boy who spends a considerable amount of time with a royal bengal tiger on a life boat stranded in the middle of the ocean after going through a ship wreck.

In the movie the boy named Pi confronts and talks to the tiger named Richard Parker. He attempts to tame the tiger and succeeds, even if the tiger was dead hungry and could eat a horse at any given moment.

That is hollywood, this is real life.

In real life scenario the tiger (even if well feed) will confront, attack and kill its prey – hungry or not! That is exactly what had happened in the Indian zoo with the unfortunate school kid who leaned over a bit too much for his life’s sanctity.

On the other hand the was in a very crowded zoo full of people. Since the white tiger is a very rare tiger and since it is a very expensive collection for any zoo in the world, the Indian zoo authority did not even attempt to tranquilize or shoot it! The zoo keeper who would have shot or tranquilized it would have put his job on the guillotine for sure.

In the meantime if you ever confront a tiger be sure to realize that it is indeed no Richard Parker and that it is ever ready to pounce on your neck. Just make sure you do not go pleading to the ‘animal’ instead try to fight for your life and show the tiger who is the boss here on Earth.

Wild animals have no sense of right or wrong, they just follow animal instincts and act on it to survive. Law of evolution.

Author: ecloudy

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