Goodbye World Goodbye! (0.25 / 5)

This must be one of the worst movies I have seen in a very long time. The film is about an apocalyptic end of the modern world of cellphones, internet and electricity. The apocalyptic is triggered by a mobile phone sms virus named “goodbye world”.

The movie is a self-centered version of the comedy series “friends”, where a group of friends have a nice get together even in times of the modern world coming to an end. One takes a flight, one “walks” – yeah that’s right – walks to their friends eco-friendly pad, two of them drives and one rides a motor-bike all the way with an underage school girl literally “riding” on his back.

Even as the world goes into a chaotic mode, the friends are having romantic complications, skinny dipping and smoking pod. They even have a very nice clean dinner – all of them at the table using fork ans spoons.

All through out the movie they are wearing spotless wardrobe. Their hairs are all curled up as if they have just been to the parlor. The worst part being, not a a single one of them looked “worried” that the world is going to hell.

Then comes the part where the US military personnel arrives. Two of them, yup! the movie had budget for two soldiers uniforms only. The soldiers start to act as ISIS, instead of the usual CAPTAIN AMERICAN role, and start to use their weapons to blackmail the “friends”. One of the soldier even tries to rape a girl in front of all her “friends”.

Then there is this other camp where hordes of people have been allowed to camp in and stay, but not the friends pad, where one has to be a friend in order to be allowed to stay in! Also the perfect scenery may be ruined if they let in “strangers” who are in desperate need of help.

It’s like I watched a TV series MacGyver with a very low budget and no concrete story or movie effects. This movie leave a very bad taste in ones mouth. Also a frightening aspect that such individual may really exist in times of real apocalyptic events. One has to pray that these folks are not the ones in total control of the situation.

This movie was a “suggestion” for me on NETFLIX, maybe the coding went wrong somewhere.

Author: ecloudy

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