Why China & India Had No Prophets

The question boggles my mind everytime I try to think about it and figure out an answer. The Bible and the Koran mentions prophets of middle-eastern Arab origins but none from Chinese or Indian origins – why? Why has God chosen not to involve the Chinese and the Indians in the mainstream (Abrahamic) religions such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam?

So I Google for the answer and find out that I am not the only one questioning the obvious.

The following are the extracts from a religious discussion forum:

uali3 writes :

I have a problematic question for you guys to tackle. Why does Islam mention mainly prophets from the Middle east region when it also tells us that a “warner has been sent to all nations”?

What about the Chinese? or Native americans? or Aborigines in Australia? Is there any evidence that these people were on monotheism? and if they weren’t, then then how would they have heard about the prophet (Peace be upon him) as Islam hadn’t reached them regions up until a few hundred years ago (Australia and America that is).

The silence of islam on non people of the book & sabeans. Makes me wonder was there any other religions at the time that needed correcting, because islam was sent to correct the Arab polytheists, and islam was to confirm the teachings of Jesus and Moses and Abraham (Peace be upon them all). But what about the chinese and indian (Hindu’s) who also needed correcting as they were indulging in idol worship and pagan practices.

The narrative in islam is muslims vs arab polytheists and jewish/christian denial.

What were people in China doing? What were they practicing, why hasn’t Quran addressed them also.

I will accept north america and south america as being yet to be discovered. But surely Asia had population, and surely they had a common belief in the example of Buddhism or Hinduism.

Very excited to read your thoughts on this. As usual I welcome open mindedness in the name of understanding Islam.


DonSmith replies :

I think he wants to know why the Qur’an does not reference any particular prophets from places other than Middle East. Like China, for example.

It may not ‘need’ to, but since it states that every nation was sent a prophet, some people may find it suspicious that it only names and describes prophets from the Middle East.

I think describing a wider variety of messengers (from Europe, Asia, Australia, Americas) would have reinforced its claim to universality, and could also demonstrate knowledge of places and cultures unheard of by 7th century Arabs. They may not have known about Americas or Australia, but Allah would have…

becroce replies :

I think he wants to know why the Qur’an does not reference any particular prophets from places other than Middle East. Like China, for example.yes – christianity, islam, hebraism… all concentrated in the same region, all seeped in the same “abrahamic” and “prophetic” tradition

the Americas, China/most of Asia, Africa, Australia etc seem to have very, very different traditions.

uali3 replies back :

My point is, other places on Earth such as China or Australia would have been indulging in polytheism and idol worship but the message of Islam hadn’t reached them till very late (Especially in the case for Australia or the Americas). Back then, there wasn’t any real means of communication or logistics between countries in different continents, so how would have these people heard of Islam? And if they were indulging in Idol worship, then why weren’t they sent a message sooner instead of centuries later. i hope you’ve understood my points. Its just been something that’s been on my mind, hope i don’t sound stupid.

After several quotes from the Koran and the Bible and finding no real answer to his question; 

uali3 replies back in despair:

I was hoping someone would refer me to an article like the one i have posted above instead of calling me a troll and getting defensive etc. As you can tell by reading the article, in every region of the earth, most people had monotheistic beliefs (One God) and then later on, these teachings became corrupted.


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