What Aamir Khan meant by P.K.

P.K. is a recently release Bollywood film in which Aamir Khan plays the role of an alien visiting present day planet Earth. Upon landing here on this planet he is encountered by a human being who eyes his “teleportation” stone locket and steals it from him instantly. That is where the fun begans. P.K. is baffled as to why any living being would do such a thing!


He chases his robber for quite some time only to fail in his attempt to get his teleportation locket back.  He then asks around the people pf the vicinity is they have indeed seen his locket. The people of the villages answer’s him with “God only knows who has your locket!”.

P.K. then does the next best logical thing and starts to look for “God”. Since everyone has confirmed that God only knows about the whereabouts of his precious teleportating locket.

That is when the movie starts to show its true magic and the talent of actor Aamir Khan. That is when the audience start to realize that religion and God has become an outfit for mankind. An outfit that is being discriminated by the very looks of it by mankind himself.

The movie goes into detail of highlighting how human beings have lost their ways in the present spiritual world and how shallow and narrow minded they have become.

P.K the alien even goes to the length of changing the outfits of a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Shikh and a Buddhist to challenge a self-proclaimed holy man to distinguish and identify who is who. Of course the holy man gets it all wrong as he judged the persons religion as according to his or her looks and garment outfits.

In our present world this has become a plague that is engulfing mankind into endless conflicts and misunderstanding about each others religion. Mankind has truly become a laughing stock, when it comes to religions, for any alien being who may visit our planet for real sometime soon in the very near future.

Go watch P.K. and you will see what I mean.

Author: ecloudy

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