Woman Urinates Into in-laws’ Tea

A woman in India has admitted to urinating in her in-laws’ tea every day for over a year. Rekha is a 30yr old married woman from India who was fed up with her in-laws who were not helping her at all with household chores since she got married and moved in with her husbands family.


Rekha Nagvanshi was caught by her mother-in-law while she was squatting over the teapot urinating into it, at her home in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Rekha, who had an arranged marriage with husband named Deepak, was fed up with her in-laws poor treatment of her (almost as a maid-servant) and had earlier walked out of the marriage only to return after her husband had convinced her to do so for the sake of their four-year-old son.

She reportedly returned on the condition that her husband would help her in cooking and cleaning – an arrangement her husband was fine with but not his parents.

Soon after she moved back in, her father-in-law Suraj, 60, and her mother-in-law Ajith, 55, tried to stop their son from helping his wife out in the kitchen chores.

“Rekha is very strong-minded and likes to be independent, and the thought of being dictated to by her in-laws was just too much for her,” Rekha’s friend Alia Kohli stated. “So I guess that’s when she decided to start doing what she did, and that is urinate on a daily basis into their morning and afternoon tea.”

Her in-laws are angry and disgusted as expected.

“You cannot urinate into someone’s tea for a year and get away with it,” the father-in-law said. “We want justice.”

In a country like India where women’s rights are suppressed on a daily basis and oppression of women is everyday news, it is not clear whether Rekha’s act of aggression (urination) will be opposed by the general public or be taken as “tea drank justice served”.

Author: ecloudy

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