Animal Brothel Closed in Europe

Denmark has banned bestiality or brothels where you can have sex with animals. Those found guilty of engaging in sexual relations with an animal will now face 5000 Euro fines and 10 years prison terms.


Before the ban took effect Denmark was the fourth northern European country where bestiality or sex with animal was legal and in turn was attracting a large number of animal-sex tourists.

“There are frequent reports of the occurrence of organized animal sex shows, clubs and animal brothels in Denmark,” the Danish Ethical Council for Animals said in a report, as quoted by Reuters.

“The current legislation does not protect the animals enough. It’s hard to prove that an animal suffers when a human has sexual intercourse with it, and that is why we must give the animal the benefit of the doubt,” he wrote in an opinion piece. He also said earlier this month that offenders “must be made aware that we find maltreatment of animals absolutely unacceptable.”

Romania, Hungary and Finland are now the only three EU countries where bestiality or sex with animal is still legal.

Author: ecloudy

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