How Bad Tattoo’s Make the Body look Ugly


Anyone with a tattoo already reading this article? Well, lets just talk about the blue black ink (most widely used) that starts to slowly crawl and pollute all over your skin and body. Does is not remind you of a skin disease that is finally getting the best of you? The skin is beautiful as it is as it is quiet flawless and each skin tone has its own attractions. But covering that very same skin (also the largest organ of the body) with chemical laden inks and constantly poking and pinching it while on the process of getting a tattoo is pure BDSM at its worst!


So why do people get tattoos in the first place? well I remember watching some Hollywood movies with some actor and actress getting names of the ones they are in love with; take for instance Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder. Johnny went and got a tattoo for himself saying “Winona Forever” and that was heavy news all over the Hollywood world. Then after the predictable break-up of the Hollywood couple just like any other Hollywood couple Johnny had to go and get the “W” removed. After that the tattoo said “inona Forever” – and the scar remains for life!


Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob is another couple who got into the “name tattoo” mess. Angelina went and got her then lover and boyfriends name tattooed. She later had to do tattoo removal surgery and re-tattoo over that same spot. Poor skin!


Robbie Williams the British pop singer also has horrendous tattoo’s all over his body. The tattoo’s are so badly misplaced and done that for most of the part audiences are repulsed by his bare body look and would rather look away when he pulls off his shirt in public.

Bottom line is – Tattoos do not make a good impression. They may be addictive and look “cool” for awhile or when it is gotten, but after a while the tattoo gets the best of the tattoo gotten for life.

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Author: ecloudy

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