The Alternate Internet Celebrities

Since the internet came into existence there have been numerous websites which became platforms for “Internet Celebrities”. Famous person who got famous because of the Internet. These celebrities may always be the odd one out from the mainstream media but they have shaken and is still shaking the internet ever since they came into being on the Internet. The following are the list of International celebrities of the Internet.

Christopher Greene – Christopher Greene is an American and the creator of AMTV or Alternate Media Television. His channel on YouTube is really  “Hard-hitting and in your face!”. If you have been on YouTube long enough you cannot ignore Chris of AMTV. He reports on geopolitical events with an alternate view and opinion which is hard hitting and in the audiences face.


Catch Christopher on his YouTube Channel AMTV

Unbox Therapy – Unbox Therapy is where products get naked and is hosted by Lewis Hilsenteger from Ontario Canada. This YouTube channel is responsible for unboxing various gadgets and products that can be found on Amazon or ebay. From the most useless of things to be found on the internet or that can be ordered online to the most useful of things – you can find reviews on all kind of things good or bad cheap or expensive on this YouTube channel.


Catch Lewis on his YouTube Channel Unbox Therapy

Inna – Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, professionally known as Inna, is a Romanian singer, dancer and philanthropist. She rose to major fame when, in February 2012, she became the first European female vocalist to surpass one billion total views on YouTube. Ever since she has been getting audiences from all over the world and is the most popular international pop artist and singer on the internet today.


Watch Inna sing on her YouTube Channel Inna

DarkDragonWing – is a YouTube channel hosted by two Thai-American guys named Manny and Mackey. They have over  200,000+ both local and international Fans! Little is known about these Thai-Americans living somewhere in the west-coast but the videos they produce are quite entertaining. If you are an owner of a Mitsubishi vehicle like I am then this is the channel for you!


Watch them on their YouTube channel now.

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