Playboy turns Bollywood

Playboy turns Bollywood style where sex is “implied” in this weeks revolutionary re-launch of its 62 year old nudie magazine – no more.

So why the decision to lose the nudes? Flanders said, “We re-launched our website in August of 2014 as a safe-for-work, entirely non-nude experience and it exploded.”

“Traffic sky-rocketed,” added Playboy’s chief content officer Cory Jones. While Playboy is getting out of the nudie game, the new, clean magazine said it will still do photo spreads. The models just won’t be shown nude. Something what Bollywood (of India) has been doing since the 70’s. Yet Bollywood never went completely naked or nude leaving nudity to the power of each individuals imagination.

Social media star Sarah McDaniel graces the issue’s cover, which is made to look like a Snapchat message.

Bollywood has also been successful in putting clothes on an Indian-Canadian ex-pornstar Sunny Leone. Now Sunny Leone implies sex in bikini’s instead of acting out the real thing. Giving normal viewers more sensual pleasure than the temporary “quicky” pleasure of .

Dani Mathers was the last ever nude Playboy Playmate of the Year. “The girls are going to actually be nude shooting. It’s just going to be implied. So you won’t actually see nipples or anything down below,” she said.

Bollywood magazines were already on the right track since the last 40 years where women never got completely naked instead they always made poses which implied sex.

The magazine said there’s a philosophy behind the idea of not showing nudity and that is now a Playboy magazine  is something readers can read on the train or leave it on their coffee tables without blushing.

“I would say that probably one of the hardest parts of the whole process is finding out where the line was and then walking up to it,” Cory Jones added. “We still have to be who we are. We still have to be Playboy, we have to have that edge. We have to that sexiness.”

Pamela Anderson (American Supermodel) said she still finds the magazine’s decision to go nude-free a bit “shocking,” but agrees it could help the brand in the long run.

“It was probably smart of them to do,” she said. “I don’t see how they could have continued it this way. Specially nowadays with the internet being full of unwanted weird sex which can be accessed for free the magazine was either done, or it’s gotta change.”

Author: ecloudy

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