Is Tintin Gay?

The Adventures of Tintin is a series of 24 comic albums created by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi, who wrote under the pen name Hergé. The series was one of the most popular European comics of the 20th century.


Tintin is a young reporter / detective who travels around the world with his pet dog named Snowy. Though back in the 1950’s Tintin is too young to have girlfriends and also the culture back then was very different. So Hergé never bothered to draw Tintin a girlfriend and besides girl’s back then did not read comic books like boys did. That beign said it is very strange for Hergé to not have drawn any girls at all, not even in crowded places, markets or even inside homes! Now if we compare that to the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Author Conan Doyle – we can clearly see that there were a lot of “girls”, “women” and “ladies” involved in all or most of the adventures written back in the late 1800’s. Being a young boy Hergé could have had at least involve Tintin’s mother in his comic book adventures or even some mention of her, who doesn’t miss his mother at Tintin’s age?  He is also very tidy with is hair and clothes.

Captain Haddock

The ships captain who is an alcoholic. Never mentions his girlfriends or wives or mother or even a sister! He is all men and is very proud of the fact that he never got married. He can also be seen running away from the only prominent & annoying female character in the comic book Madame Bianca Castafiore when confronted with the idea of marriage or a female partner. Even the idea of Haddock being a sailor is weird as most sailor’s at that time were supposedly mostly gay due to long time spent in the middle of the ocean with other male partners.

Professor Calculus

The mad wacky scientist who also does not mention any wife, sister or having a mother! At his age it is very strange that he choose to live with a sailor and a reporter who are also men. Even the butler at the mansion of Captain Haddock is a male member in the house. Now that is really weird of Hergé to have not shown or illustrated any female companion for such an old professor.

Thomson & Thompson

The police detective’s who are also unmarried and has no female mentioning of any sort in the entire series is yet another “gay” mystery left unsolved by Hergé for us to figure out.That is just too many grown-up male member’s who has no female partners illustrated in a comic book ever!

Jolyon Wagg

The only Tintin character who is illustrated to have a wife, mother and kids. Yet Hergé creates him as the most annoying, talkative and repulsive character of the series. Someone who is not liked by the other characters specially Captain Haddock and someone who has been portrayed in the comic book in such a way that he would be hated by readers of all gender & ages.


Hergé even liked the idea of woman being in veils (see The Black Gold) hiding their faces from public view. Even when he did draw female characters it was never to highlight their sexuality or the female body form. Most or all female characters that were drawn in the comic book were “un-sexual” or “male-like” in every way possible. He never highlighted the boobs or ass like in most comic book and cartoons of that era were doing.


Who knows! maybe Hergé hated sex or sexuality and wanted to concentrate only on the characters intellectual capabilities. Maybe he thought comic book are for children so why include sex or women in it?

But so were MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, Thundercats, Archie, Doraemon – but that did not stop them from portraying female characters and their sexuality.

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