Okay, I just finished watching Tintin

Okay, I just finished watching Tintin 3d and I must say I found it to be a very different experience compared to the actual Tintin comic book reading experience. The movie was too loud and rowdy whereas Tintin comics are all very subtle.


Here are some list of stuffs “I did not like” in the 3d movie of Tintin ;

1. The wallet thief is shown to be a gentle man in an expensive suit in the flea market in the first 10 minutes of the movie giving away the mystery the comic book had. The thief was not exposed till half-way in the comic book which Tintin mystery is truly what it is all about.

2. The 3d is a mixture of two comic book episodes, the secret of the unicorn and the crab with the golden claws. The crab with the golden claws remained unsolved and unfinished (in the 3d movie) giving an impression that the comic book adventure was a complete waste of time, comic strip and comic pages.

3. Snowy looks too much like the comic book and very stiff (in 3d model). Whereas Tintin and captain haddock looks very different more like a new “makeover” for the characters (for the 3d movie) instead of sticking to the original drawings of Herge comic book characters.

4. Nestor is also present in the time (era) of the Red Reckhams (in the 3d movie). Captain Haddock may resemble his ancestor but Nestor resembling his ancestor 100% is pushing it a bit.

5. The villain of the story was actually a good character in the comic book, a ship collector is all he was so it was hard for me to comprehend while watching the 3d movie that a ship collector is evil.

6. The crane fight between haddock and the ship collector was put in the movie to please the “Hollywood” audience. Hope they liked it better than I did.

7. The eye of Tintin. Herge had a unique way of expressing the eye of his comic characters. They have always been “dots”. He used dots as eyes because when the characters were drawn very small (zoomed out) than the eye would still be a dot. But in the movie the main theme of Herge’s drawing was altered!

I will now get back to reading my Tintin comics on the iPad. I have read each Tintin adventure about 20 times or more since the early 1988’s. But I doubt I will ever have the urge to watch Tintin 3d (the movie) again.

Other notable Tintin objects used in the 3d movie were; the statue from the broken ear, the red jeep from the black gold and the statue of the astronaut from flight 714.

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