Bangladesh Bans Advertisement Depicting Scantily Clad Model & Malted Alcohol

Bangladesh banned a raunchy advert starring a Cricket player Sabbir Rahman and a controversial model named Naila Nayem following social media outrage, an industry official said today.

Naila used social media to popularize herself although according to her, she never thought of using Facebook to popularize herself and there were no planned activities either.Naila Nayem is a Bangladeshi model who is accused of exploiting the social media to gain popularity – though she never did admit to that fact – her Facebook album consists of raunchy & semi-naked pics which could have easily contributed to her rise to stardom.

The advertisement has been airing on Bangladesh local television channels since August 2016 but drew fresh attention this week after cricket player Sabbir’s superb batting led to the first-ever victory over the cricket team of England.

The advertisement shows Sabbir holed up inside his house drinking an alcoholic malt beverage called Oscar before being discovered by the raunchy model who is dressed as a sexy policewoman.

The model seductively handcuffs the 24-year-old batsman before he responds that drinking Oscar means “a little privacy is indeed needed” suggesting sexual encounter between the duo.

Photo taken from Naila Nayem’s Facebook page.

Naila Nayem is a Bangladeshi model and actress. She stepped into the showbiz as a ramp model and later entered the Bangladeshi film industry. Naila stepped into the showbiz business as a semi-nude ramp model and later entered the Bangladeshi film industry as a sex item.

“Bangladesh Advertising Agency has circulated a directive to stop broadcasting of the ad,” a board official stated on condition of anonymity.

“It does not fit with the image of Bangladeshi culture where sex and alcohol is forbidden under religious law,” he told AFP.

“Absolute nonsense! I wonder why would Sabbir act in such a sexually tickling ad with Naila!” said Facebook user Rahat Khan.

Bangladeshi cricket players are honored lavishly like rockstars by millions in the socially conservative Muslim-majority country and are in huge demand to promote everything from noodles to mobile phones.

The advert has drawn sharp reaction online, mostly from those opposed to 34-year-old model Naila Nayem whose previous promotion of breast cancer screenings was seen by some as sexually suggestive.

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