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Nun Gang-raped in India

A nun in her 70’s was gang-raped in front of school pupils while trying to stop a robbery in a Christian missionary school in eastern India. The nun was bleeding from her...

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Tarzana movie review

The daughter of Sir Donovan is believed dead with her mother and other relatives in a plane crash in the African jungle. Fifteen years later, vague reports arrive in Europe...

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Badlapur – Renewed faith on Bollywood

Bollywood has done it again. Bollywood has shocked me successfully again. And I love it! I like movies that gives a lasting impression in my memory. Movies of which I...

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"The abundant eroticism from which Mia profits comes from the idea of 'conquering' the mysterious, strange, different, exotic brown woman. Accessing these brown women is the dominant white man's fantasy and ultimate exertion of power."

Lebanese Porn Star Mia Khalifa receives Death Threats

A 21-year-old Muslim porn star is receiving death threats because she is a Muslim. A dispute that began between Mia Khalifa, of Florida, and her parents has exploded onto the...

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The Sinful Sex in the World of Religion

Why is sex such a sin? In every religious book there is a mentioning of the guilty pleasures of sex. The entire or all the Abrahamic religions are monotheistic and...

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How the Indonesian Police Perform the “Two-finger” Virginity test

Human Rights Watch have recently documented the practice of “virginity tests” for police women in countries such as Indonesia, Egypt, India and Afghanistan. Young female police recruits in those countries start their...

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The New Playboy.com is Almost a Blog with Pictures of Naked Women

Well, that’s interesting. The New Playboy.com is a Blog with Pictures of Naked Women – hmm… now what website does that remind you of? e-cloudy.com perhaps? no? Just checking. Playboy.com has...

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School Girls Sexualized by New American Apparel Ad Gets Banned

Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority has banned two online ads for American Apparel’s “back to school” range for sexualizing school girls in mini skirts and portraying an invitation for sex (or rape). The...

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Muslim of Turkish decent, the first Muslim to ever strip for Playboy – her decision to pose nude has set off a firestorm of insults and death threats from fanatics.

Sila Sahin

Sıla Şahin (born 3 December 1985 in Spandau, Berlin) is a Turkish-German actress, best known for her portrayal of Ayla Özgül in the German soap opera Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten....

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Sasha Cane04

Deskbabe Sarah (WARNING : explicit nudity)

Gorgeous brunette Sarah, has been around in the erotic entertainment business for a few years now, and has become one of the UK’s top stars of erotic entertainment under the...

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