Young man hacked to death in Public in front of wife in Bangladesh

A young man was hacked to death in broad day light in front of a crowd in Bangladesh. The video of the victims wife trying to save him (while the bystanders just stood there doing nothing) to stop the brutal attack has gone viral in local social medias.

Rifat Sharif aged 23 is from the Labongola village of Bangladesh. He was attacked by his wife’s ex lover while the victim was taking his wife to her college in the small town on Wednesday morning following a “dispute over winning the woman’s heart”, police said.

Rifat and Nayan both had affairs with the same woman, though Rifat got married to her in the end. She is a student of a college in the same small town, according to the filed Police report.

“Rifat and the girl married two months ago, but Nayan claimed that she was his ex-girlfriend and that he would like to marry her instead.” the Police stated.

Following the love triangle dispute, Nayan and a close friend of his hacked Rifat with machetes at about 10 in the morning in broad daylight in front of a big crowd who just stood there as audiences. Bangladeshi’s are quite well known to circle any ongoing events and just stare at the people involved instead of lending any helping hand.

The victim was admitted to the local General Hospital as his condition deteriorated. Rifat died of jugular vein injury and massive blood loss at around 4pm on the same day while being transferred to big city medical hospital, the Police stated.

Police have launched a manhunt for the now absconding killer Nayan.

UPDATE July 2nd 2019 : Nayan was caught and has been assassinated by the local police force with a single bullet (to the right side of head) at point blank range.  The following are some photo evidence.


Author: ecloudy

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