Indian Border Patrol Opens Fire on Unarmed (evicted) Assamese Protester while state Photographer Assaults Corpse

Islam is the second largest religion in Assam. The Muslim population was approximately 14.61 million in 2018

Two persons were killed and at least ten others, most of them policemen, were seriously injured on Thursday in firing by the force on protesters demanding rehabilitation of 800 families evicted by Assam’s Darrang district administration and the clash that followed between the two sides.

The evicted Muslim families had launched a protest at Sipajhar demanding that the illegal eviction by the Indian Hindutva government be stopped and that they be provided with a comprehensive rehabilitation package. Horrifying visuals of violence emerged from the protest site, drawing ire from opposition Congress.

In the midst of the violence that prevailed yesterday at Gorukhuti in Darrang District of Assam, a viral video has been doing the rounds of a hindu photographer attacking one of the illegally evicted Muslim settlers after being shot dead by Indian commando border police.

The person has been identified as Bijoy Bania, a hindu state photographer attached with the Darrang district administration. In the video, Bania can be seen jumping and assaulting one of the illegally evicted Assamese Muslim settlers who was lying dead on the ground, after taking a bullet straight in the heart when a border police commando (black bandana) in the unit shot him as they felt threatened by the long bamboo stick he was holding to charge with. Then the rest of the border police force can be seen beating the lifeless corpse of the dead Assamese mercilessly with guns, stick & batons.

Bijoy Bania

Author: ecloudy

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