Australian Blogger Puts Bangladeshi Man in Jail in Bangladesh

YouTuber’s from the west (mostly male Caucasian) are following a new trend for the past decade to get views, subscribers and popularity on the social media platform YouTube – and that idea is to visit as many poor undeveloped nations as possible to exploit the local population (of that nation) in order to gain fame and fortune. Call it a modern day Roman or British Empire invasion of the fourth kind only its happening on the internet for the internet.

These same YouTube blogger’s would have had no views (whatsoever) if they were blogging about themselves in their own rich and developed country showing their ultra monotonous boring life. They would never be as famous as they are now spending some small amount of their very expensive currencies to exploit the cheapest nations in the world and in doing so insulting that nation and its population. It is indeed a business to spend (let’s say) a $1000 to have a trip to a country such as Bangladesh and get 10 times in return on YouTube views and sponsorships. All the while exploiting the local people and culture.

One such blogger is an Australian man named Luke Damant. He has been to most of the poor nations (India, Pakistan, Nepal) and have successfully exploited those countries with massive video views and also did so without being getting exploited by the locals of those countries fortunately so far. Till he reached Bangladesh and met an elderly (poor) man who is “sort of a beggar” of the streets who speaks moderately good English and was asking for financial assistance from Mr Luke who actually earlier “showed off” how much he had in his wallet by overpaying for a meal item on the side of the street by almost 10 times the actual price. Seeing Mr Lukes “heavy” wallet the old man requested some financial help and was adamant in getting some assistance for himself and his family. Mr Luke – instead of handing him any extra financial assistance – started debating with him while avoiding him and all the while filmed the entire event of the poor old man while he was insisting on getting some sort of financial help for his predicaments.

After a few minutes of haggling the  poor old man actually finally gave up and went on his way, but Mr Luke was determined to ruin this old man’s life by speaking poorly of the poor old man on his blog video and indeed also posted the video on YouTube (with vengeance) with the thumbnail of the old man pointing and with the title “avoid this man in Bangladesh”. The video was quickly picked up by the local Bangladeshi viewers and also the local news media. Few of the local TV news channel started supporting Mr Luke instead of the poor old man and franticly started looking for him but they could not find him. Instead the local TV channel made a case of tourist harassment by using Mr Lukes YouTube video as evidence to the local police authorities.

The tourist police obliged, and the poor old Bangladesh elderly man got arrested and has been thrown in jail with no option for bail with a 5 months jail term!

Now my question to Mr Luke is will he help this old man get out of jail (which he made it happen) since the video that he posted about this incident in Bangladesh has over 1 million + views which in turn gained him around thousands of dollars in revenue – or will he just ignore all this and keep on exploiting other new poor nations and cultures he hasn’t been to yet for video views?

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Author: ecloudy

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