Bangladesh in Dire need of Sherlock Holmes as Serial Killer ‘HERCULES’ on Murder Spree

Bangladesh Police is searching  for a serial killer who calls himself ‘Hercules’ and has murdered three gang-rapists so far. The latest dead body recovered by the local police had a printed note tied around his neck reading : “I am Pirojpur Bhandaria’s (the name of the victim who was brutally raped several times) rapist Rakib. […]

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Gruesome ATM Booth Attack leaves Victim Paralyzed

A 44-year-old woman bank manager was hacked and left to die bleeding at an ATM booth in the heart of Banglore city, India. The horrifying attack took place at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning by a tall dark man with a toy gun and a machete (see CCTV footage). The maniac attacked her with his machete […]

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