Bangladesh in Dire need of Sherlock Holmes as Serial Killer ‘HERCULES’ on Murder Spree

Bangladesh Police is searching  for a serial killer who calls himself ‘Hercules’ and has murdered three gang-rapists so far.

The latest dead body recovered by the local police had a printed note tied around his neck reading : “I am Pirojpur Bhandaria’s (the name of the victim who was brutally raped several times) rapist Rakib. This is the punishment for rape. Rapists beware. (signed) Hercules,” the local daily DhakaTribune reported.

This is the third such killing in the country, with two identical incidents reported in the past where alleged gang-rape suspects were shot dead and left with the same note tied to their necks.

Police in the same week recovered another body of an ‘alleged’ suspect in a gang-rape case in Jalakathi in Bangladesh. Identified as Shohag, the deceased was one of the alleged suspects in a case filed over the brutal gang-rape (gang bang style) of a madrasa student in Bhandaria.

The body ALSO had a printed note tied around its neck which read : “I am Pirojpur Bhandaria’s (again another victim’s name) rapist Shohag. This is the punishment for rape. Rapists beware. Hercules,” – DhakaTribune.

Police had recovered another body (last week) of Sajal Jomaddar, 28, from a paddy field in Boltala village on January 26, ALSO with a note which read, “I am Sajal the rapist of (victim’s name). This is my punishment.” Sajal, Shohag and Rakib were all accused in a brutal gang-rape case of an under aged garments worker.

On January 18, the dead body of one Ripon, was found in Amin Model Town in Savar. When police reached the spot, they found a note saying: “I am the prime accused in a rape case” around his neck.

Ripon was ‘allegedly’ the mastermind of the brutal gang-rape of a 14-year-old RMG (garments) worker who had died from internal bleeding after being raped for 3 hours by Sajal, Shohag & Rakib on January 8.

Author: ecloudy

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