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The “Perfect” Tablet

The just launched #iPadAir weighs about 1 pound. According to Apple that is the perfect weight for a tablet. So why does the same company have heavy tablets which got heavier overtime? Well their...

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A very expensive comic book reader

The title speaks for itself, for it the ultimate truth. That is what my iPad does for me, helps me read comic books. Classic comic books to be more precise. The collection of Tintin,...

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iPad Retina Wallpapers

If you are on the lookout for some beautiful iPad Retina Wallpapers, then have a look at the ones created by Simon Page. Simon is a brilliant graphic designer with the philosophy “Good design...

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iPad and the Third World

The iPad in a third World country. I am an iPad owner in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is one of the poorest nation on the face of the Earth after Rwanda and Nigeria.When Steve Jobs envisioned...

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Feeling dizzy or nausea after using iPad?

Feeling dizzy or nausea after using iPad? YuanLin – Is it just me or someone else also feels dizzy or nausea after using iPad for a while? I guess it might have to do...

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