Why the New Thundercats didnt Work

The new thundercats would have worked if….

When I was a boy I was fascinated by the then tv cartoon series thundercats. That was back in 1984. The thundercats were strong, powerful and honest. Lion-o the lord of the thundercats was a strong lion man who knew no fear and have courage to his team and others. The sword of omen always there to guide him through life.

But that was then, now there was a new thundercats that was started back in 2011. This new thundercats was an attempt to rewrite the old thundercats. There is a saying that goes ” if it ain’t broken then don’t try to fix it”.

The old thundercats had no problem whatsoever in its storyline, plot or characters so why did they try to rewrite it? To gain new audience of this generation where lion-o is a scared teenager who is quite arrogant in nature and is more interested in getting a girlfriend then fighting evil forces. The new lion-o is weak and small. Even the toyline is so pathetic that the new lion-o toy is half the size of the classic lion-o toy!

That was just lion-o, the rest of the character is not even worth mentioning. Mum-Ra was pure evil in the classic version, in the new version I don’t even remember how mum-ra looks.

This new thundercats would have been very successful had the storyline went on like the following;

  • Lion-o gets married to Pumayra and they have a son who is the new lion-o, the smaller lion-o.
  • Panthro had a distant cousin and that cousin had a son who looks like Panthro but is bigger and stronger.
  • Cheetara has a daughter with Tygra who looks more like Cheetara than Tygra.
  • Snarf was actually talking and joking like he did in the original 1984 series of the cartoon.
    And so on and so forth…..Mum-Ra is still the old Mum-Ra as he is ever living!

The funny thing is cartoon network has stopped airing the new thundercats and in place have started rerunning the classic thundercats, as new fans are joining the club every day.

So what is not broken needs not to be fixed. Thundercats Hoooooooo!

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