Why I liked Ra-One

I watched Ra-one with my wife yesterday and then I watched The Green Lantern today alone.I watched Ra-One with eager anticipation and though I had my iPad with me while watching the movie I could not use the iPad, I am still trying to watch the green lantern as I am compiling this article on my iPad. Watching green lantern is painful. Really painful. I rather use my iPad and let the DVD finish by itself.

On the other hand Bollywood has nailed it with its very first super hero cgi action thriller movie. It had all the spices in it and then some.

My wife got me the game today of Ra-One and asked me to play it for her, I did and I must say Bollywood’s first movie based game had me hooked. I get entertained with its warmth and simplicity.

I never did want Bollywood, but now I do. Bollywood is changing and making Hollywood look cold and soulless.

Romance has always been a strong point of Bollywood, also Bollywood never doubted whether love exists or not. Times are changing and I am glad to be on the Bollywood side of change.

Author: ecloudy

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