Why we do not want Ben Affleck to be Batman

Why is that the internet cannot accept Ben Affleck to the new Batman? Is not good looking enough? Well to answer that question accurately one needs to look at Christian Bale. Bale is fit for Bruce Wayne character for various reasons. The very essence of Bale’s seriousness in his character and face is what Bruce Wayne is about.


Now Ben has a very long face, like a horse. He also has a very funny smile. Which just does not fit right with the character Bruce Wayne. Maybe Two-Face’s twin brother (because his face is long and horse like) would be a better suited character fit for Ben.

Why is Ben selected to be the next Batman? Rumor has it that the Batman franchise would soon be making less and less money as people are shifting from this fad or wave of “superhero movies” making money just because Hollywood has run out of good story scripts!

When there were no CGI effects movies were left to the actors to make it happen. Now a days movies are so full of CGI that one does not look at the actors anymore – may be that is why directors thought that it would not matter to most movie goers about “WHO IS BATMAN?” and Ben would make a perfect Batman.

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Author: ecloudy

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