The Cancerous Growth of Islamic Militant in a Third World Nation – Bangladesh

When I was growing up (in Bangladesh) I never saw my mother or my grandmother wear the Hijab or the Burqa. But they were both (Indian) Muslim ladies who followed the Indian culture and wore Indian Saree and Selwar. When my mother was in her teens she wore western outfits like jeans and t-shirt in the country called Bangladesh. That was in the 70’s.

As I grew older I was still use to the Indian culture and heritage. My mother and my grandmother still wore Saree’s. Then as the Indian film industry (Bollywood) was getting more “sexy” in the middle of the 80’s and early 90’s – sexy as in the actress were slowly turned into “objects of desire” – the female actors in the movie started to wear the saree in a “sexy and sensual” way.

Then my mother realized that the saree was rather an “open” and “revealing” outfit which was turning who ever was wearing them into sexy Bollywood sex objects only to be desired by sex hungry men. She immediately stopped wearing the saree and switched to the more conservative selwar kameez since the middle of the 90’s.

But still no sign of the hijab.

Then 9/11 happened and also simultaneously Bollywood decided – in order to make more money out of movies – to make the female actors wear almost naked outfits & make them dance to sexy beats and seductive songs. As both my mother and my grandmother were big fans of Bollywood movies they were obviously shocked to find how the Indian “Hindu” ladies were behaving on the screen which means they must be behaving in the same vulgar manner off-screen as well!

It did not stop with my mother and my grandmother’s wild imagination go wilder. Also the fact that Bollywood (Indian Film Industry) in order to avoided losses in it’s movie revenues started to sell cheap sex did not help the situation at all. The following is an example of such a Bollywood movie.

Ironically the main guy with the dark shades in the above music video is himself a Muslim actor named Shahrukh Khan and it was all his idea to make the dancing girls go semi-naked!

Since Bollywood is an essential part of the Bangladeshi entertainment culture, suddenly you can see the emergence of the Arabic female outfit called Hijab on the streets of Bangladesh. You see the female gender of Bangladesh started a “revolt revolution” and believed that since the non-Muslim (Indian Hindu’s) are being vulgar and obscene in their behavior, putting on the hijab is what will give them sure access to the kingdom of heaven as they were being “pure good girls” by covering and not sexual arousing men on the streets – according to the Islamic books. Of course one has to highlight the sad fact that the introduction of an actual Adult Film Actor named Sunny Leone to the Bollywood mainstream movie’s sealed the deal for good for most if not all Bangladeshi females young or old.

So sinning less and portraying the image of purity became the norm for most Bangladeshi girls by the 2010’s. For me this astounding transition from being Indian looking to Arab (middle-eastern) looking was shocking! Bangladesh was trying to look like the middle-east but is actually located in the Indian sub-continent.

The above mentioned scenario is just a small example of how this third world nation lost its track of self-identity (being Indian) and confused it with religious cultural outlook of the Arabic world.

So since 2010 Bangladesh has seen the rise of Islamic Militants just because they think they are doing the right thing but are absolutely wrong in actually having no idea that they are indeed being just “crazy” and “illogical” in the name of an age old culture and outdated values.


As the government of Bangladesh keeps denying the fact that ISIS has indeed made a strong foothold and a physical presence in the destitute nation, the conflict is intensifying on a daily basis. In the last week the government has gone from announcing the fact that ISIS has no presence in the country to losing a Sufi Sect spiritual leader and his daughter decapitated by the hands of ISIS to a suicide bomber blowing himself up just today (march 17th 2017) inside a Special Forces (RAB) headquarter base. While SITE intelligence pointed out the presence of English educated Bangladeshi graduates fighting holy wars in Iraq and Syria since 2011.

It doesn’t take much to radicalize someone if at any given time the moment is right. For most of the women of Bangladesh their right moment of radicalization (from Saree to Burqa) came while watching Bollywood movies and Indian TV channels. Sad but so true.

Author: ecloudy

I live in the United States, meditate, do Zen and help people find meaning to present day religious conflicts. Read my opinions (on religion) to find out how I changed my thoughts on life, religion and God - sharing my knowledge and life experiences with you, now doing so living in a country which destiny chose for me.